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EZ Docks are beautiful, customizable, and expandable. This means you can build your docks out piece by piece if you need to expand without the hassle that comes with traditional docks. EZ Docks are also highly stable and built to never chip, crack, warp or peel. They can withstand harsh weather and require no maintenance which gives you more time to relax and enjoy the water.

Docks & Boat Ports

Drive on and push off. There’s no easier way to dock your boat than with an EZ Dock boat port. Each port is built with adjustable rollers that can accommodate a wide variety of boat shapes and sizes. And just like our other EZ Dock systems, they’re built to float and adjust to the changes in tide levels. When it comes to looks and ease of use, there’s nothing better. 

PWC Ports

Built with the same drive on push off convenience as all other EZ Docks, the PWC ports provide ultimate convenience for the fun-loving water sports enthusiast. The self-aligning roller system on the PWC ports provides a perfect center and the inline design means you can place the ports side-by-side for ultimate curb appeal and easy storage of multiple PWC’s.

Kayak & Canoe Launches

Whether you’re a first-time boater or an enthusiast, you’ll find the EZ Dock kayak and canoe launches to be the most convenient docking system you’ve ever used. Each launch contains smooth rollers designed to make docking and launching a breeze. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of a self-leveling floating launch with guide rails to help you into and out of the water.

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About Ez-dock West

Just like you, we’re water fanatics. We enjoy spending time on the water with our families, friends, and sometimes alone on a personal fishing trip. Life is simpler on the water and it helps you prioritize what really matters in life; Family and friends.

That’s why we created EZ Dock West. After buying and using EZ Dock products at our own houses, we discovered just how great these docks are. They’re convenient, durable, and they look great. We know that once you get an EZ Dock, you’ll never even consider using another dock. To learn more about EZ Docks or get a custom quote, give us a call.

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